Athey's Flyer - May '17

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Athey's Moor Flyer

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Getting into the new flying season ...

It's been a great flying start to the year up here in Northumberland - plenty of local flying.
In March Andy Portsmouth who flies out of Eshott took Eddie on a fantastic flight down to Belgium in his Skyranger, where they visited the battlefields of Flanders. After a couple of nights down near Ypres they headed back up north, where they were also joined by flyers out of East Durham Microlights.
In April Wendy and Eddie took advantage of a strong tail wind from Athey’s Moor, and in 3 hours 20 minutes in the CT  were in Cherbourg, France. They  stayed over a couple of nights and visited the Caen 2nd World War museum.
There've been lots of flyers from the north east taking advantage of the early sun-soaked Scottish western isles. Wendy and Eddie spent a couple of nights stopping at the Glenforsa Hotel and airfield, a highly recommended venue.

At the end of May the Geordie Moth Squadron is heading south to the Greek Isles (weather permitting). It's not too late for any flyers out there to join, or even for just part of the flight. Our intended route will take us south to Dover and the la Manche to France, and the magnificent Rhone Valley We will coast out at Saint-Tropez for Corsica, then Italy’s west coast at least 2 nights in Sicily before a long Mediterranean crossing to Corfu and hopefully some of the smaller idyllic Greek isles.
Get in touch if you’re interested!

Voluntary Aerial Height Restrictions in North Northumberland

The Northumberland Coast is home to Thousands of Important Birds

The Northumberland Coast is an incredible place to see from a plane.
The expansive beaches that make it a great spot to fly over also attract internationally important bird populations throughout the year.

Low-flying aircraft can have a serious effect including eggs loss and chicks dying in summer and loss of essential energy reserves in winter. The Northumberland Coast is particularly important for the endangered Little Tern which is the second rarest breeding seabird in the UK. Only 44 pairs nested here in 2015.
This map shows sensitive bird areas and we are asking pilots to avoid flying below 1,500ft; particularly over these areas as birds may be present but not always visible. The sensitive period is from mid-May till at least mid-August.

Did you know that there are laws protecting our birds?
What many people, including pilots, may not realise that it is illegal to ‘intentionally or recklessly’ disturb nesting wild birds or the dependent young of such species. Disturbance includes any activity which changes or disrupts a bird’s natural behaviour and offences can result in prosecution.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy seeing the Northumberland Coast from the sky!!
Kate Bradshaw, Ranger
Northumberland Coast National Trust

Drop in on the neighbours!

Lempitlaw - very friendly and easy - no reivers in sight!

Lempitlaw Village is a farm strip situated approximately 5 miles SE of the picturesque market town of Kelso in the Scottish Borders. 

(click image for plate)
"Facilities include static caravan with toilet, bedrooms, kitchen & livingroom (running/ hot water, gas and generator electricity) and visiting pilots are made welcome with coffee and chocolate biscuits.  The caravan is also available for overnight stay should anyone wish.  There is no landing fee as such but donations towards Hansel Village Trust (a village in Ayrshire dedicated to helping severely handicapped people).  The grass landing strip is 670m long and reputedly almost as smooth as concrete! 
Please, please  PPR before arriving."
Ewan Brewis
07836 3499190
Michael Brewis
07817 963575

Fly The Tyne T-Shirts

Genuine and lovely

When our member Mandy Taylor organised the famous 2016 Fly the Tyne for Streetwise, she found some T- shirts left over. For a donation to UNICEF - and in 2017 the need is for support is greater than ever -  one can be yours.

We have Small. Medium, large and extra large plus a few extra extra large. 
How do you get one? Easy! You can:
  • Go to Ed's JustGiving site and make a donation. What you like. Then send an email to info{at} to put one aside for you. If you want it sent in the post, then we can send you a Paypal invoice for the £3.50 postage.
  • Put some money in the donation box (with a note) at the airfield.
  • Give some money to any one of the Athey's flyers.

Great, aren't they?
Listen out for information about Fly the Tyne 2018.

Airfield Reminders

129.825 Frequency

Please use this, calling blind, in our circuit, or on approach. It will make for safer flying. However, always keep a good lookout - not everyone will be on frequency.

No - Circuit-training please

Remember we're not a training 'field, so don't practice repeated circuits - though for those of you used to tarmac strips, do come in and practice your greenfield landings!

No - Landing Fees

We have friendly reciprocal arrangements with many 'neighbours' around the country, and we Don't have landing fees (Eshott flyers - rest assured, this includes you!) We do have a donations box though, in the 'clubhouse' (look out for wonderful new facilities later this year!) with donations going to UNICEF, so please contribute as you feel.

Wish I could fly a flexwing!

Is your daughter/son/partner/husband/best mate/dog looking for a friendly flexwing instructor?

Go to Simon!

JARVY AVIATION FLEXWING MICROLIGHTS was born just before Christmas 2016! Jarvy Aviation is very much open for business and able to train or do trial flights seven days a week (weather-dependant.)
Point your friends to Simon Jarvis’ new website, or have them ring Simon on 07710162010.
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