Athey's Flyer - February '17

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Athey's Moor Flyer

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Over the hills and far away ...

Royal Aeronautical Society - Loughborough

Eddie talked to open-jawed aero engineers and flyers in January:
"This was a relaxed presentation delivered in dulcet Northumberland tones by a small airfield owner and a microlight pilot from those parts who conveyed a passion for flying, and came to describe the challenge of flying from his home strip, Athey’s Moor, to Oshkosh, in Wisconsin, USA. This proved to be a delivery that was always informative and never overstated. It was multi-faceted too, keeping us aware of cultures and meteorology, gastronomy and aviation idiosyncrasies flavouring the story of joyful, albeit occasionally close to heart stopping, numerous steps from Britain, through Iceland, around Greenland, and across Baffin Island and mainland Canada and many states on the east side of the USA  ..."
Read their review here.

Do you have a venue which would like to hear the tales?

Invitation: Shipping News Tour in April, anyone?

Come fly with me ...

Dear Aviators,
Here’s a little adventure for you: I mentioned late last year about a flight following the coast of the UK. I am thinking of a take-off date around mid April this spring.

My intentions are to head north on the east coast to Orkney, then westerly toward the outer Hebrides, south would be meandering through the Scottish isles then west of Cumbria and the Lakes, the west coast of Wales and a big chunk of the Bristol Channel, on to Devon and Cornish coasts , but not before dropping in on the Scilly Isles, a long stretch of the English Channel with its many white cliffs and much-beloved air spaces , north toward Suffolk and Norfolk before a final leg of the North Sea to Northumberland.
It sounds easy thumping a few letters into a laptop, but we all know there're no easy flights around the British Isles even in our short summer months.
There's nothing planned: that will only happen when my first flight plan is activated. I'm not suggesting a group of microlights taking of from the same airfield, but wouldn't it be nice to have a half a dozen planes leaving from other ports around the UK, if nothing else we could pass on weather reports to one and all.
It's an individual flight, it's bad enough keeping 3 planes together  -  isn't that right Mrs Moseley, Fearing and Williams? I hope you all have your listening squawk on.
Don't ask me any questions because I won't have any answers; all I'm gonna do is take off and do what I always do, watch the weather, airspaces and of course the instrument panel. But – it would be great to have you along some part of the way. Are you interested in stepping along?
Get in touch:

Fly The Tyne T-Shirts

Genuine and lovely

When our member Mandy Taylor organised the famous 2016 Fly the Tyne for Streetwise, she found some T- shirts left over. For a donation to UNICEF - and in 2017 the need is for support is greater than ever -  one can be yours.

We have Small. Medium, large and extra large plus a few extra extra large. 
How do you get one? Easy! You can:
  • Go to Ed's JustGiving site and make a donation. What you like. Then send an email to info{at} to put one aside for you. If you want it sent in the post, then we can send you a Paypal invoice for the £3.50 postage.
  • Put some money in the donation box (with a note) at the airfield.
  • Give some money to any one of the Athey's flyers.

Great, aren't they?

Airfield Frequency - reminder


Please use this, calling blind, in our circuit, or on approach. It will make for safer flying. However, always keep a good lookout - not everyone will be on frequency.

Wish I could fly a flexwing!

Is your daughter/son/partner/husband/best mate/dog looking for a friendly flexwing instructor?

As many of you will know, Storm Smith has sold Eshott’s Purple Aviation flying school to Sam Woodgate and Jeff &  Richard Pike. They are also now leasing the airfield and are getting their heads around how it can offer flying to people.
For the past three years Simon Jarvis has been providing the flexwing training on behalf of Purple Aviation and has been subcontracting his machine and instruction to Purple Aviation.
Simon, Sam, Jeff and Richard have agreed that it is best for all for Simon to run the flexwing side of things as a separate venture.  Thus:
JARVY AVIATION FLEXWING MICROLIGHTS was born just before Christmas 2016! Jarvy Aviation is very much open for business and able to train or do trial flights seven days a week (weather-dependant.)
Point your friends to Simon’s new website, or have them ring Simon on 07710162010.
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