Athey's Flyer - November '16

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Athey's Moor Flyer

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Airfield Frequency


Please use this, calling blind, in our circuit, or on approach. It will make for safer flying. However, always keep a good lookout - not everyone will be on frequency.

Flyer Fledged

On the last day of October, our youngest flyer, Jed Fisher, passed his GST. Well done! At 17 he will be one of the youngest  in the UK with a PPL licence.

Planning Conditions Eased

Northumberland planners have agreed that we can increase the numbers of planes hangared at our field, and an increase in annual hours. This paves the way for hangar improvements during the next year: watch this space.

Spring Adventures

.. we are planning for some! Here's one to whet your appetite:

The Shipping News Tour

To take place mid-May, a 3-day round-Britain coastal adventure. Ardnamurchan Point to Cape Wrath, etc. Spread your wings and join us! Email us at if you want to be in the loop. We will be raising money for children through UNICEF, along the way.


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