Athey's Moor Airfield

We are 6.3 nautical miles SW of Alnwick, just north of the village of Longframlington.

PPR (07710 188042) is essential, especially if you are touring or unfamiliar with the field; we don't want to be cutting the grass when you arrive!

  • North of Newcastle
    Here is Atheys, with Eshott to the East. Otterburn ranges are over the hills west of Rothbury.
  • Appoaching
    Here we are! You can see the village of Longframlington just to the south.
  • Our runways
    The Runways: 21/03 and 26/08. Take a look at the approach videos.
  • Final 26
    Turning Final on 26 (rather short and high!)
  • Airfield Plate
    Click on image to download pdf

Call blind on frequency 129.825 for air-air information and keep a look-out: other pilots may be using different frequencies.

Eshott 122.85 is nearby and we have frequent visitors who stay on this frequency. 



Runways (Grass)





Here is a video of flexwing members flying out and about; our wonderful coast and castles, and approaching on 21.

Landing Fees

There are no fees as such, but we do have a Donations Box towards our support of UNICEF. If you benefit from our field, your contribution will be appreciated.


By Road

Athey's Moor Airfield
NE65 8EG